Flora House Denver

Flora House Denver is a boutique hotel/B&B located in Denver's Wyman Historic District (touted as the city's oldest subdivision), offering luxury lodging near the heart of downtown in all of the historic-meets-modern charm of our newly renovated Queen Anne Victorian mansion, built in 1892.

Previously known as The Adagio B&B, this property began operating as a hotel in 1996 and has been charming guests ever since. Old newspaper clippings have revealed a colorful past: the property previously served as a private home to a prominent attorney and an apartment complex in earlier years.

According to a Westword article from 2020: "One of Denver's most historically significant architects, William Lang, built the mansion as a single-family home in 1892, one of more than a dozen he completed that year. Lang is most famous for designing the Molly Brown House, the A.M. Ghost building and the Castle Marne (just a block north of the Adagio), but the Race Street mansion lacked his distinctive turrets, rusticated stone facade and other signature architectural features — and it never earned the kind of catchy name from a famous owner that helped many of Lang's other edifices gain attention."
Photo courtesy of Denver Public Library special collections

Now under new ownership, a fresh renovation and thoughtfully designed restoration are giving this beautiful Denver grande dame a new life.

Ultimately, Flora House Denver is a small, family-owned business: Owner/Operators Jennefer and Leigh Alderton are a husband-and-wife team, each with a variety of experience in the hospitality and travel industries. Jennefer is a Denver native and earned a Bachelor's degree in Spanish with International Business from CU Boulder with a focus on hospitality and tourism, working in Beaver Creek as well as abroad in Costa Rica while earning her degree. She spent the next 20+ years in the business world, living and working in San Francisco, Chicago and Sydney before returning to Denver in 2012. Jennefer achieved prestigious certifications, including Certified Sommelier, during her extensive stint in the wine industry, before turning her focus to creating Flora House Denver. Leigh is originally from New Zealand and earned a Master's in Business from the University of Otago. Later, his career took him to London, Chicago and Sydney before moving to Denver. In addition to his contributions at Flora House Denver, Leigh also works in property development in the metro area.

With the prospect of restoring and refreshing this Denver gem, Jennefer and Leigh recognized an opportunity to cater to discerning travelers like themselves. Before their wedding, the couple traveled for 9 months, visiting 26 countries across 5 continents. In addition, several decades of extensive travel for work and pleasure has given them first-hand personal experience as to the thoughtful amenities that savvy travelers want and appreciate. Favorite special touches from their travels are utilized to create a memorable and unique experience for guests to their home city.

As Jennefer so aptly sums it up: "Such little delights can draw us back time after time and, in the best examples, make us look forward to the hotel stay as much as the destination."